What we do......

Personal Trainers who care

Betty's Fitness Club is dedicated to helping women 

lose weight and tone their bodies. We do this by helping them create a self awareness of making conscious meal  choices by using our smoothie handbook, reviewing our suggestions, doing the level of excerises posted each month and corresponding with our private facebook group through our membership program. 

Knowledgeable Lifestyle Training Expertise

Our Personal Trainers specialize video sessions focus on balance, stabilization, coordination and toning. This improves body function and relieves stress that improves a women's attitude, which in turn reflects in their mind, body and spirit.

How we coach you to drop the weight

We understand that adapting new fitness habits is difficult and often times may fail.  Our goal is to change your view on fitness, so that it becomes a part of who you are. When you workout with us, you will see results and achieve your goals while enjoying the  sounds of the binural beats which  leads to your relaxing recovery state.


B.F.C. 6 Week Challenge

Easy and Affordable

 Here’s how to start: 

  • Pick a starting date 
  • Atleast one Smoothie a day 
  •  Excerise videos twice a day
  • Listen to the binural beats
  • Limit Flour and Sugars
  • Journal your thoughts when making decisons about your food choices
  • Join the private facebook group

 Enough said. Let's get started!    

Generate excitement

Taking the First Steps

 1) Once a day have a your smoothie

 has a meal replacement or drink it through out the day to increase energy and decrease your urge to snack. 

2) These levels of excercise videos are designed to engage major muscle groups in your body. This allows you to reshape your body with exercises that challenge your level of difficulty.  Start with the first set of exercises (beginners). Do these every day for 2 weeks and then move on to the intermediate set for 2 weeks and lastly, the advance. The challenge ends 6 weeks after your official start date.


3) Note all your decision on meal choices and preparation (fry or baked)this will create an awareness.

4) Binaural Beats, listen to these at least once per day in a relaxed setting, either sitting or laying down. 

Imagine your new and healthier body and mindset while listen to the beats.

5) Support, you are not alone....

Join our Facebook group, this is a closed platform dedicated to those taking part in the challenge.

 If Facebook isn’t your thing, you can also email me with your start date, starting weight and fitness goal (i.e. “to lose 30 lbs). I will check in with you weekly to help keep you on track.